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The Comic Book Club of Ithaca
PO Box 701, Ithaca, NY 14851
is proud to present

Saturday, April 24, 2021
10 am - 7 pm plus extended evening activities

Online only! All videos are available on YouTube - see below!

Are the program events available online? All but a few are available right now on YouTube. We are still working on editing video on the longest sessions.
You can:
• Visit the ITHACON YouTube channel directly.
• Or you can go to YouTube and search for Ithacon (the 2021 videos are tagged with ITHACON@Home 2021.)
• Or you can use the links below!

Panels and Activities
Time Blue Room Gold Room Virtual Dealers' Room
10:00 am ITHACON@Home Kickoff (10 minutes)
10:10 am Reading in Color: Expanding Representation Using Graphic Novels (for ages 12 and up) History of ITHACON
11:00 am Illustrating for Beginners with Steve Ellis Audio Dramas & Realm
12:00 pm The Lost Stan Lee Tapes Kids Crafting: Superhero Masks Comics for Collectors video in process
12:30 pm Fantasy Unlimited Comics video in process
1:00 pm AfterShock Comics Panel Beyond BANG, WHAM, and POW: How to Create Compelling Narratives in Comics (ages 12 and up) Wonderland Comics
1:30 pm Prima Diana crafts video in process
2:00 pm Ross Richie, BOOM! Studios CEO From Silent Films to Indie Comics: Ithaca's Contributions to Writing, Art and Culture
2:30 pm Gabby Krogstadt, DragonsSpark video in process
3:00 pm AHOY Comics Panel Wanda/Vision: Entering The Hex!
4:00 pm Cosplay Runway: Real World Edition LGBTQ Comics Panel
5:00 pm The "New" Captain Marvel with Roger Stern Conventions During Covid
6:00 pm Beaten to a PULP panel: Crime Book Authors Fan to Pro: Careers Launched from ITHACON
7:00 pm Monster Force Zero introduction - video in process
7:30 pm Monster Force Zero full movie commentary - video in process
8:00 pm Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle documentary with Larry Maslon
Panels & Activities Descriptions

Panels and Activities descriptions are in progress! Check back for the latest information.

10:00 am: ITHACON@Home Kickoff View

A brief welcome to ITHACON from the convention committee

10:10 am: Reading in Color: Expanding Representation Using Graphic Novels (ages 12 and up) View

Ithaca College’s Graphic Novel Advisory Board talks about how graphic novels and comics can enhance diverse representation. The group discusses new and classic titles in each area and provides sources to find additional texts. The topics covered include graphic novels that feature voices of color; depictions of immigration and the issues facing first-generation citizens; LGBTQ+ characters; Mental Health and Physical Disability plots and characters; and a discussion of the increasing diversity among superheroes.

10:10 am: History of ITHACON View

11:00 am: Illustrating for Beginners with Steve Ellis View

Always wanted to be an illustrator, but never knew where to start? Steve Ellis is here to help! View our panel to draw along with this industry vet and learn the basics to drawing your favorite comic book characters. All you need is a pencil, paper, and a love of drawing!

11:00 am: Audio Dramas & Realm View

Big audio fan? This panel will talk with Heather Mason of Realm (formerly Serial Box) to talk all things audio dramas and podcasts. Come chill and hang with us and tune up your ears!

12:00 pm: The Lost Stan Lee Tapes View

It's a little known fact that Stan Lee gave a lecture at Ithaca College on March 26, 1975. Fortunately, a member of the newly-formed Comic Book Club of Ithaca recorded it! Listen to what Stan had to say in 1975!

12:00 pm: Kid's Crafting: Superhero Masks View

Calling all super kids! Come to ITHACON@Home via Zoom to make a superhero mask with other kids. Required supplies include a paper plate or thin cardboard, string, glue, markers, stickers, and glitter. (LIVE)

If you would like a free supplies kit, go to Comics For Collectors at 124 West State St, Ithaca. You can call ahead at 607-272-3007 to confirm availability of the supplies kits.

12:00 pm: Virtual Dealers' Room - video in process

The Dealers' Room is a highlight of every comic book convention. This year, we're having a virtual dealers' room in which several of our regular ITHACON vendors will each have a half hour live presentation, followed by a breakout session for one-on-one conversations while the next vendor presents. (Until 3 pm)
12:00 pm: Comics For Collectors
12:30 pm: Fantasy Unlimited Comics
1:00 pm: Wonderland Comics
1:30 pm: Prima Diana crafts
2:00 pm: Pulp Nouveau Comix
2:30 pm: The Dragon's Spark crafts

1:00 pm: AfterShock Comics Panel View

AfterShock is an American comic book publishing company, founded in 2015, that is known for their compelling stories. View us for a conversation with Lonnie Nadler and Zac Thompson, writers of the Undone by Blood series. Ithaca College students Carolina Jeronimo and Samantha Rickett will speak to writers Lonnie and Zac about their career success, working with AfterShock, the Undone by Blood series, Marvel, and projects they are currently working on.

1:00 pm: Beyond BANG, WHAM, and POW: How to Create Compelling Narratives in Comics (ages 12 and up) View

Love to draw, but having trouble doing the writing part of comics? Does your text seem out of place? Not sure about the plot? Spend an hour with Ithaca College's Graphic Novel Advisory Board learning about narrative, plot planning, and how to make sure your text is effective. No experience necessary. Supplies required are writing implements and paper.

2:00 pm: Ross Richie, BOOM! Studios CEO View

For those looking to break into the business side of the comic book world, but have no idea where to begin, Ross Richie is here to help! As founder and CEO of BOOM! Studios, Richie has a wealth of knowledge on all things business surrounding the comic world. With the upcoming premiere of Netflix's adaptation of BOOM!'s comic BRZRKR, starring Keanu Reeves, Mr. Richie is here to answer any questions and give advice about business, production, new projects, and much more! Don't miss out on the chance to speak directly with an industry pro!

2:00 pm: From Silent Films to Indie Comics: Ithaca's Contributions to Writing, Art and Culture View

What compels media makers to come to Ithaca? And what compels some writers of fiction to set their stories in Ithaca? From the Silent Film makers, to the lone individuals like Rod Serling, and the contemporary fiction set in Ithaca, our eclectic set of panelists set out to figure out where Ithaca's mysterious power comes from.

Featuring Diana Riesman of The Wharton Studio Museum; Michael Watson, creator of the horror comic Ithaqa; Stephen Frug, creator of the photo comic Happenstance; Leslie Daniels, local novelist, essayist, and writing teacher; and IC alum Shelly Bond, editor at Vertigo Comics for over twenty years and creator of IDW's Black Crown comics line.

3:00 pm: AHOY Comics Panel View

AHOY Comics is an American comic book publisher that was founded in 2018. Since then, the publisher has put out numerous charming and engaging comics like Second Coming and Wrong Earth. Ithaca College students Jordan Green and Matthew Scrivo talk to the Syracuse-based AHOY Comics team about their careers, industry stories, and what comics the team is working on.

3:00 pm: Wanda/Vision: Entering The Hex! View

Are you suffering withdrawal from your favorite decade-changing couple? Come geek out in our virtual space on all things about the hit Disney+ show. Have some fan art? Marvelous! Can’t stop humming all the amazing theme songs? We got you covered with a ranking competition. What about all those theories? Let’s discuss and dive into what’s next for the MCU! All that and so much more jam packed into a fun hour for all lovers of WandaVision. See you there!

4:00 pm: Cosplay Runway: Real World Edition View

This year's theme is cosplay within the real world. We are looking for image or video submissions of your cosplay in real world settings. Silly or Serious, this cosplay runway is all about showcasing your cosplay in real life environments (think SpiderMan on an escape ladder, Gandolf as a Crossing Guard "You Shall Not Pass", or Pokemon in the wild, etc). Your submissions will be included in a presentation during Ithacon on April 24th at 4 pm where a select few submitters will be invited to discuss their cosplay in further detail.

Submissions can be made at https://tinyl.io/3vSo

4:00 pm: LGTBQ Comics Panel View

New at ITHACON! View us to hear from trailblazer Andy Mangels as we discuss the journey of LGBTQ+ representation into the maintream comics industry. Co-hosted by IC PRISM, Ithaca College's very own social and educational organization dedicated to queer issues.

5:00 pm: The "New" Captain Marvel with Roger Stern View

A discussion with well-known writer Roger Stern about the creation of the new Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau.(LIVE)

5:00 pm: Conventions During COVID View

Conventions are slowly returning as the world tackles the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic — but how have they been running? View Michel Armstrong, Martha Donato, and Darlynne Overbaugh as they highlight best practices seen in the convention industry during COVID-19 and discuss the future of conventions in a post-pandemic world.

6:00 pm: Fan to Pro: Careers Launched from ITHACON View

Many fans dream of becoming comics professionals. Several fans who started out as members of the Comic Book Club of Ithaca and ITHACON participants have made it! We'll have a chat with a few of them. (LIVE)

6:00 pm: Beaten to a PULP panel View

Authors Alex Segura (Miami Midnight, Poe Dameron: Free Fall), Alison Gaylin (Never Look Back, Normandy Gold), and J. C. Vaughn (Second Wednesday, McCandless & Co.) join moderator Ed Catto of Ithaca College and the Agendae group to explore the changing landscape of crime fiction. (Pre-recorded)

7:00 pm: Monster Force Zero video in process

Director Nathan Letteer, actor Shale Le Page (Yetiboot), and actor Aeon Cruz (Ammorama) join us for a half hour live introduction, followed by a viewing of the full movie beginning at 7:30 pm. Movie information, trailers, etc. are at monsterforcezero.com. (LIVE)

8:00 pm: Superheroes documentary with Larry Maslon View

Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle is a PBS documentary directed by Michael Kantor and written by Kantor and Laurence Maslon. Maslon, an arts professor at New York University, will join us for a discussion of the 3-part miniseries, followed by a viewing of at least one episode. (LIVE)

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